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F1: FIA Upholds Ricciardo Disqualification, Red Bull To 'Move On' Photo:
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Peter Anderson | Apr, 16 2014 | 1 Comment

The FIA has upheld the stewards' decision at the Australian Grand Prix to exclude Daniel Ricciardo and Red Bull Racing from the race for fuel flow irregularities.

A six-hour hearing on Monday in Paris heard that the team was unhappy with the accuracy of the supplied FIA equipment used to measure fuel flow in Ricciardo's Renault power unit.

Article 5.1.4 of the 2014 Sporting Regulations state that "fuel mass flow must not exceed 100kg/h" and a series of technical directives laid out how that was to me measured.

Red Bull argued that their equipment was more accurate and used a technical directive issued on March 1 to support its argument that it could use its own equipment, which was presented as combination of hardware and software.

The technical directive stated that a team could use their own methods with prior FIA approval, something Red Bull didn't have.

The five man judging panel Court of Appeal upheld the exclusion but has not initiated any further sanction against Red Bull and issued a statement.

"The Court, after having heard the parties and examined their submissions, decided to uphold the Decision #56 of the Stewards by which they decided to exclude Infiniti Red Bull Racing's car #3 from the results of the 2014 Australian Grand Prix."

The Mercedes team was represented at the hearing and asked that the court punish Red Bull with a suspended ban to stop the team from attempting the same thing at another race.

The FIA disagreed, saying that RBR hadn't tried to hide what they were doing and considered that the team was not attempting to deceive the ruling body.

Red Bull complained that the FIA-mandated sensors would have cost them 0.4 seconds per lap in the Australian Grand Prix, which potentially would have put Ricciardo out of the points altogether.

The full judgement will be issued by the end of the week in time for the Chinese Grand Prix.

Red Bull issued their own statement after the judgement was handed down.

"Infiniti Red Bull Racing accepts the ruling of the International Court of Appeal today," said a statement issued this morning.

"We are of course disappointed by the outcome and would not have appealed if we didn't think we had a very strong case.

"We always believed we adhered to the technical regulations throughout the 2014 Australian Grand Prix. We are sorry for Daniel that he will not be awarded the 18 points from the event, which we think he deserved.

"We will continue to work very hard to amass as many points as possible for the team, Daniel and Sebastian throughout the season.”

"We will now move on from this and concentrate on this weekend's Chinese grand prix."

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