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Following the ultra-limited edition Lykan Hyper Sport from 2013/14, W Motors has teased its next new model ahead of the Dubai Motor Show.

The Lykan Hyper was limited to just seven units, with each featuring real gold, diamonds, 574kW and 960Nm along with a AU$3.75 million price-tag.

The Hyper was to be joined by the less-expensive and less-exclusive Lykan Super Sport, but the car teased here may take the place of the Lykan Super Sport as a new model.

W Motors has revealed that the new model will be called the Fenyr Super Sport, and that the power output could exceed that targeted for the Lykan Super Sport.

A track version of the Lykan was set to offer buyers no less than 1000 BHP (745kW), so the Fenyr Super Sport could exceed this figure.

Lykan Super Sport - as it presented in 2013
Lykan Super Sport - as it presented in 2013

Besides that, however, W Motors is giving nothing away.

The Lykan SS was due for a production run of 25 units, so the build number for the Fenyr SS may mirror this goal.

The carmaker makes no mention of the Lykan Hyper Sport, but the week's announcement could signal that all seven have found homes.

Price, features and the crucial (to potential buyers) power and 0-100km/h figures for the Fenyr Super Sport will all be released soon - stay tuned to TMR for more.

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