Dodge Challenger Closer To Right-Hand Drive Australian Market Launch: FCA Confirms "Coordinated Interest" Photo:

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Tim O'Brien | Apr, 05 2016 | 6 Comments

Will we see the Dodge Challenger here to do battle with the Ford Mustang and the ‘deeply rumoured, highly likely’ Holden Camaro?

The answer to that question moved a little closer to the affirmative today when FCA Director of Product Strategy Zac Loo was invited to reflect on the success of the Mustang for Ford Australia.

“There are products in the Dodge portfolio that we’re very interested to get our hands on,” he said.

“Like the Dodge Challenger and Charger?” we asked, “Yes,” he replied.

The Charger, of course, will surely remain a non-starter while we have the Chrysler 300, and it won’t be the current model Challenger that we’re ever likely to see.

The key, he said, was to “get in on the front end of these programs” (being the development of a new model with right-hand drive production capability).

Reading between the lines, that would seem to be pointing to the Australian operation having already made its case.

Indeed, FCA’s concession that “it gets us an opportunity to coordinate with other right-hand drive markets” (like the UK and Japan) to strengthen the Australian case for these models, is, in car-company ‘speak’, as a good as a confirmation that moves are afoot. And that a UK or Japan launch is also likely.

It helps, of course, that those “other right-hand drive markets” are the powerful UK and Japanese markets. Don’t put the crown jewels on it just yet, Mopar fans, but maybe start slipping a few ducats aside.

More On The ‘Halo Car’ Front

The Alfa Romeo Giulia that has previously been confirmed for Australia is scheduled for a Q1 local launch early next year, with pre-release cars hitting our shores late 2016. Though order books are yet to officially open, a number of Alfa Romeo dealers are holding orders for the totally ‘shag-worthy’ BMW 3 Series fighter.

Likely to be available in both diesel and petrol configurations, FCA CEO Pat Doherty said that Alfa Romeo remains “a great fit” the Australian market.

“Australians love cars,” he said.

The Dodge Ram, or, more correctly, Ram trucks, are also on their way, “We’re working hard on getting new Ram product to market (here),” Mr Doherty confirmed.

Also coming is the Abarth version of the Mazda MX-5-based Fiat 124 Spider.

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