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DC Designs To Unveil India's First Supercar Photo:
Tony O'Kane | Jan, 04 2012 | 1 Comment

It seems that every year a handful of supercar start-ups come out of the woodwork.

Most deliver bold proclamations about their mid-engined hypercar (which usually only exists as a computer-generated rendering), before evaporating months later. Others actually build a prototype or two, but fold when significant orders don't materialise.

Occasionally though, one of these companies 'makes it'. Pagani was once nothing more than an idea in an engineer's head, and Koenigsegg and Spyker are only 17 and 11 years old respectively.

In 2012, DC Designs is hoping to not only become the newest succesful supercar marque but the first Indian supercar manufacturer.

The company currently specialises in producing a range of dubiously-styled bodykits for vehicles in the Indian domestic market, but is planning to wheel out its own supercar at this month's Dehli Auto Expo.

The as yet un-named subcontinental supercar will be powered by a turbocharged Honda V6, producing around 300kW.

Kerb weight is expected to sit around 1560kg, which is somewhat portly for a supercar with 300kW of power.

A production future is reportedly locked in for the car, with DC Designs planning to build some 300 units in India from late 2013, with the potential to increase production tenfold if the demand ever presents itself.

The price? Roughly equivalent to US$56,000.

Further details of DC Designs supercar will be revealed tomorrow at its official unveiling in Dehli, but for now enjoy this amusingly bold hyperbole snipped from the car's teaser website:

A new era will dawn. Mere mortals will rise to the power of Gods.

A machine will be revealed that will redefine the status-quo.

The masters of automotive design will be renowned for one more legend.

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