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Daimler Considering Aston Martin Takeover: Report Photo:

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Mike Stevens | Aug, 28 2014 | 1 Comment

It’s the rumour that won’t quit: Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler wants not just a piece of new technology partner Aston Martin, but the full pie.

The two have already struck a deal that gives Daimler a five percent share in Aston in exchange for AMG powertrains and other key components.

But, since that partnership was confirmed in July last year, reports on the future have ranged from expanded technology sharing to an outright German takeover of the British, Kuwaiti and Italian-owned Aston Martin.

This week, American magazine Car & Driver again reports that Daimler is divided on the best way forward, with some urging caution and others eyeing Aston as an attractive acquisition option.

Daimler’s current portfolio represents an impressive assortment of passenger and commercial brands, from Mercedes, Maybach and Smart to Freightliner and Western Star.

But, compared to German rivals BMW and the giant Volkswagen, the Daimler group could appear to some as being short on ‘name brand’ subsidiaries.

And, with BMW already owning Rolls-Royce and Volkswagen holding Bentley, control of one of the remaining two big British prestige brands (the deeply entwined Jaguar Land Rover being the other) could be hugely tempting for Daimler.

Such an arrangement would likely see Daimler embrace the British brand as its top-shelf luxury marque - a position once held by the failed Maybach - with Aston-badged limousines and SUVs to follow.

For now, the only Daimler executive to offer any comment on the matter is Mercedes boss Dieter Zetsche, who earlier this year said that arms-length is the preferred position for both companies.

Speaking with High Gear Media, Zetsche said that, on the topic of an acquisition, Daimler “has no plan of that kind” and that it could “deduct too much management attention”.

Whatever the executive-level outcome, we shouldn't expect any potential takeover to impact significantly on Aston Martin's current path, which should see its first all-new supercars appear in 2016.

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