Citroen DS3 Convertible Moves Closer To Reality: Report Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Apr, 16 2012 | 0 Comments

Rumours of a convertible variant in Citroen's DS3 line have been circulating for over a year, with reports pointing to a 2013 debut for the so-called 'DS3 Airflow'.

The topless DS3 is said to follow the style of the roll-up fabric roof of the Fiat's 500C convertible - although Citroen has its own historic inspiration in the form of the iconic 2CV.

New reports out of Europe this week suggest that Citroen employees, recently invited to a private event in France, have been shown the car.

According to French website Blog Automobile, an unnamed insider has confirmed details of the DS3 convertible's styling.

"Take a DS3, add a Fiat 500C-like canvas roof, keep the rear spoiler, stick a chrome band on the trunk, and you’ve got a DS3 convertible," the report reads.

A retractable fabric roof for the DS3 would not be Citroen's first swing at the concept, with 2009's DS-badged Revolte Concept featuring a similar approach to open-sky driving.

Adopting a retractable roof panel rather than a full folding roof brings more than a few benefits, most notably reduced development and production costs. The connected A, B and C pillars also mean that fewer handling and rigidity sacrifices are made.

If the reports are to believed, expect a concept debut in the next year.

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