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Mike Stevens | Oct, 14 2011 | 4 Comments

Hot on the heels of Citroen's new C4 hatch this week comes a range-wide shakeup with new pricing and new models to boost the brand's local appeal.

Already, the 2012 C4 has arrived at a starting price $4000 lower than its predecessor, and as much as $14,000 has been cut from the price of the brand's other models.

Ateco has also confirmed that Citroen's high-riding DS4 will join the existing DS3 hatch at the premium end of the local line-up in 2012, followed by the sleek DS5 wagon and the Mitsubishi ASX-based C4 Aircross toward the end of the year.

The C5 sedan and wagon will gain an update and price adjustment before the year is out, while the DS3 hatch, C4 Picasso people mover and the Berlingo van benefit from line-up revisions and new pricing.

The previous $19,990 entry-level model in the C3 line-up has been dropped from the 2012 line-up, along with the 1.4 litre petrol engine that powered it. The new opener is the $23,990 1.6 litre petrol model, followed by the 1.6 litre diesel at $24,990.

Both engines in the C3 will be offered in only one specification, dubbed 'Seduction', while retaining the Zenith panoramic windscreen and Bluetooth connectivity of the outgoing 'Exclusive' specification.

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The DS3 hatch gets Bluetooth connectivity as standard, along with a $6000 price cut for both the DStyle and DSport variants.

Citroen has swapped the DStyle's 88kW petrol engine for a 70kW unit, but a brand-new six-speed EGS automatic transmission has replaced the previous four-speed auto.

The C4 Picasso also benefits from a price cut, falling by $2000 to $35,990. The people-mover also gains an updated diesel engine with a power boost to 120kW, along with a number of styling tweaks (revealed in Europe last year).

Lastly, the Berlingo van gets a price cut, with the petrol-engined short body falling by $3000 and the diesel-engined long body down by $3500.

Watch for each of these updates and price cuts to hit showrooms in the coming weeks and months.


2012 Citroen Pricing

2012 Citroen C3

  • Seduction 1.6 petrol (a) $23,990
  • Seduction 1.6 e-HDi $24,990

2012 Citroen DS3

  • DS3 DStyle (a) $26,990 (reduced $6000)
  • DS3 DSport $29,990 (reduced $6000)

2012 Citroen C4

  • C4 Attraction 1.6 petrol (a) $22,990
  • C4 Seduction 1.6 petrol $22,990
  • C4 Seduction 1.6 petrol (a) $24,990
  • C4 Seduction 1.6 HDi $26,990
  • C4 Seduction 1.6 e-HDi (a) $27,990
  • C4 Exclusive 1.6 turbo petrol (a) $31,990
  • C4 Exclusive 1.6 HDi $31,990
  • C4 Exclusive 1.6 e-HDi (a) $32,990

2012 Citroen C4 Picasso

  • C4 Picasso 2.0 HDi (a) $37,990 (reduced $2000)

2012 Citroen C5 Sedan

  • C5 Attraction 1.6 petrol (a) $35,990
  • C5 Seduction 1.6 petrol (a) $39,490
  • C5 Exclusive 1.6 petrol (a) $44,990
  • C5 Attraction 2.0 HDi (a) $37,990
  • C5 Seduction 2.0 HDi (a) $41,490
  • C5 Exclusive 2.0 HDi (a) $46,990 (reduced $11,000)
  • C5 Exclusive 3.0 V6 HDi (a) $56,990 (reduced $13,000)

2012 Citroen C5 Wagon

  • C5 Attraction 2.0 HDi (a) $39,990
  • C5 Seduction 2.0 HDi (a) $43,490
  • C5 Exclusive 2.0 HDi (a) $48,990 (reduced $12,000)
  • C5 Exclusive 30. V6 HDi (a) $58,990 (reduced $14,000)

2012 Citroen Berlingo

  • C5 Shortbody 1.6 petrol (m) $19,990 (reduced $3000)
  • C5 Longbody 1.6 diesel (m) $22,990 (reduced $3500)

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