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Citroen Adds Capped Price Servicing and Roadside Assist To Six Year Warranty Photo:
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Kez Casey | Aug, 06 2015 | 1 Comment

Citroen has announced it is strengthening its aftersales protection, expanding on its already impressive six year warranty for ppassenger cars.

The new Citroen Confidence program keeps the six year warranty, but also adds six years free roadside assist, and six years or 90,000km capped price servicing.

Citroen Australia General Manager, John Startari described Citroen Confidence as “a renewed focus on customer care, service, support, and dealer access.”

The first three years of the warranry are provided by Citroen's parent compant, PSA with remainder supplied by Citroen Australia, for those concerned that part of the program is covered by a third-party warranty provider, that isn’t the case.

Over the coming months Citroen Confidence will be rolled out, with detailed information to become available via the Citroen consumer website and through dealerships.

Over the six year program, Citroen Confidence servicing on the newly released C4 hatch totals $3630, with individual services priced as follows:

12 month/15,000km = $352
24 month/30,000km = $707
36 month/45,000km = $421
48 month/60,000km = $775
60 month/75,000km = $416
72 month/90,000km = $959

All services include consumables such as fluids which may be additional under other manufacturers capped pricing. The final 90,000km service is more conprehensive and includes belts as part of the schedule.

As a limited offer, new and demonstrator C4 and C4 Picasso models come with six years free servicing.

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