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Mike Stevens | May, 09 2014 | 4 Comments

The announcement this week that the SRT performance brand will become a Dodge-only division has raised questions over the future of existing SRT models in the Chrysler and Jeep line-ups.

In the company’s current arrangement, the 300 SRT exists as a high-powered sports model at the top of the big sedan’s line-up, while Jeep also boasts an SRT-enhanced Grand Cherokee.

Now, new reports out of the US suggest that the 300 range will soon lose its performance flagship - but not so for Jeep.

According to magazine Car & Driver, Fiat Chrysler has decided that the Chrysler brand’s new focus on volume-selling models makes the 300 SRT a poor fit.

Its removal will also increase focus on the Dodge Charger SRT as the company’s halo performance sedan.

That may mean that Australian buyers could miss out; the Dodge Charger is not currently offered here and is not yet available anywhere in right-hand-drive.

It has been reported in the past year that the company is considering an Australia-only right-hook conversion - something along the lines of the work done by local importer Performax - although confirmation is still to come.

As for the Grand Cherokee SRT, the high-riding high-po SUV has no rival within the Fiat Chrysler family, making it an ideal standalone performance option.

And, interestingly in the light of this news, the Grand Cherokee flagship is understood to be the most popular of all of the SRT models.

It remains unclear however if the big Jeep will keep the ‘SRT’ name, or if it will get its own 'performance' badge specific to the Jeep brand.

The Grand Cherokee is scheduled for a major update next year, suggesting we could see the SRT badge swapped for a new name then.

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