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Tony O'Kane | Jul, 17 2015 | 2 Comments

Joining the ever-increasing number of manufacturers with fixed-price service schedules, Fiat-Chrysler Australia has rolled out a maintenance pricing scheme of its own for the Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge brands.

Though the company doesn't describe it as a "capped" or "fixed" price plan, the new Mopar Menu scheme lays out an itemised list of expenses for a car's scheduled service.

The pricing applies nationally with a guarantee that the price you pay for a listed service will be no more than the price shown in the published online menu.

Intended to give clarity to owners on exactly how much a particular service will cost as well as precisely which components are replaced, the Mopar Menu scheme applies to all current-model Chrysler Jeep and Dodge vehicles.

Earlier models and other marques within the FCA group (including Fiat, Fiat Professional and Alfa Romeo) will be added to the scheme by the end of the year.

The Mopar Menu system also allows owners to select which service they require for their vehicle and make a booking at a dealership of their choice.

"We recognise the importance of absolute transparency when it comes to the over-all cost of vehicle ownership, and this solution provides exactly that," said FCA Australia’s Director of Aftersales, Tim Stuckey

“It doesn’t matter which city or state you have your vehicle serviced in, FCA Australia’s Menu Priced Servicing is a national, whole-of-ownership solution that provides true peace of mind when it comes to servicing your vehicle.

"It puts the trust back into the vehicle servicing process.”

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