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Malcolm Flynn | May, 01 2012 | 0 Comments

One of four Sanction II versions of Aston Martin’s highly collectible DB4 Zagato GT will hit the auction block on May 19.

The sale is part of Bonhams' annual Aston Martin auction in the UK, featuring several other Aston Martin vehicles and assorted paraphernalia.

The original DB4 Zagato GT was built between 1960 and 1963, and is a lightweight version of the regular DB4 model, with a body crafted by Italian coachbuilder Zagato.

Just 20 were made, after demand failed to match the planned run of 25 units, leaving Aston Martin with spare componentry.

Then, in 1991, with the success of its contemporary V8 Zagato model (having sold all 89 units) and escalating values of the original DB4 Zagato GT, Aston took the unprecedented step of producing a further four DB4 Zagato GTs a quarter of a century later.

These second-run cars were collectively known as the Sanction II models and were, in most respects, a match for the original. Here though, the 'new' cars picked up an enlarged 4.2 litre (up from 3.7) straight 6, with power boosted by 28kW to a total 262kW.

The Sanction II up for auction is the final example built, and is expected to fetch between AU$2 and $2.5 million - a healthy appreciation on its rumoured sale price ‘in excess of US$1 million’ in 1991.

If this DB4 Zagato GT Sanction II is beyond your budget, one of the 150 Aston Martin V12 Zagatos set for production later this year might be more your speed, at circa AU$1 million.

Beyond this, Melbourne company Brooklands Classic Cars will build you a visually faithful, but modernised, replica DB4 Zagato GT for roughly half that again.

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