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Cheque Books Away: Rare Retro-build Aston Zagato Fetches $1.9 Million Photo:
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Malcolm Flynn | May, 22 2012 | 1 Comment

We told you it was coming, and now the last of Aston Martins DB4 Sanction II coupes has hit the auction block.

One lucky collector bid £1.2 million (AU$1.92 million) for the privilege of owning the rare machine, at the UK Bonhams Aston Martin auction on May 19th.

TMR reported the expected price range of AU$2-2.5 million earlier this month, so the buyer may consider themselves to have found somewhat of a bargain.

The Sanction II is one of four DB4 Zagato GTs built in 1991, completing the original production run from 30 years prior.

Just 20 of the original, lightweight, Italian-bodied DB4 Zagato GTs were made, making the auctioned example exponentially rare.

It is not often that such a ‘modern’ car doubles its value. Such a return usually takes far longer than the Sanction II’s 21 year vintage.

The only other car of this era likely to return such appreciation would be the McLaren F1 supercar, though even with a relatively bountiful 106 units produced, they seldom reveal themselves on the market.

If you missed out on bidding for the Sanction II, perhaps you could dispose of your superfluous funds with one each of the upcoming Porsche 918 and Ferrari ‘F70’ supercars instead.

Only if one of the remaining Bugatti Veyrons doesn’t suit your garage decor, of course...

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