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Carbon Fibre Future For Next Generation MX-5 Photo:

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Kez Casey | Jul, 25 2016 | 1 Comment

Mazda’s lightweight focus for the current MX-5 is set to step up a notch when the next generation roadster appears at the start of next decade.

That’s according to the MX-5 program head, Nobuhiro Yamamoto, who revealed the goal in an interview with Britain’s Autocar.

Although the current generation is still fresh, having only gone on sale in the second half of 2015 in Australia, early-stage planning is already underway for its successor.

Mr Yamamoto describes the MX-5 as being the right size, with no major changes expected in the overall dimension of the car, but the weight of the next-generation model would receive close attention.

“In the future lightweight materials will be very important,” Mr Yamamoto said, explaining that while the cost of materials like carbon fibre are prohibitive at present, Mazda is working on an affordable solution.

The weight-loss plan also means that other components of the car can be scaled down to suit, with smaller, lighter brake hardware, and narrower wheels also become possible.

In a move that may concern enthusiasts, Mr Yamamoto also targeted a smaller engine as another possibility for the next generation car, however stopped short of describing how that engine might be downsized, or if any power and torque reductions would be a part of that plan.

Despite the changes Mazda has not lost sight of the car’s fun-to-drive dynamic focus, but with the next generation MX-5 so far off, there’s plenty of scope for new developments and changes to be made during the roadster’s gestation period.

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