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Trevor Collett | Mar, 31 2015 | 0 Comments

Cadillac’s big new CT6 flagship will lend itself to at least four new platforms for the carmaker, according to reports out of the US.

Reuters reports that the CT6's architecture is the first of these platforms, with all to feature the CT6’s key mix of lightweight steel and aluminium.

In this way, Cadillac hopes to continue with a range of large luxury cars that its customers expect while meeting increasingly tougher emissions laws in the US and other markets.

A lightened platform is considered desirable over lightened body panels, and Cadillac’s preliminary research pointed to different ways the CT6’s platform could be scaled.

“What came out was a whole different set of combinations,” CT6 Chief Engineer, Travis Hester, said.

Mr Hester said high-strength steel was used in various parts of the passenger compartment to ensure a quieter ride, even though aluminium would have been lighter.

This eliminated the need for additional weight through sound-deadening, and leaves room for Cadillac to trim further kilograms from the CT6’s platform, if required, to meet tougher emissions laws in the future.

Weight savings in the CT6 as it currently stands are estimated at 90kg over a simpler steel construction.

The covers are expected to come off the CT6 soon before its official unveiling at the New York Auto Show, but fans have already seen the car in Cadillac’s ‘Daring’ advertising campaign.

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