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Buick Teases New Verano Small Sedan For Shanghai Auto Show Photo:
2013_buick_verano_turbo_01 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_06 Photo: tmr
2016_holden_astra_spy_photos_11 Photo: tmr
2013_buick_riviera_concept_01b Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_25 Photo: tmr
2016_holden_astra_spy_photos_04 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_11 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_28 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_05 Photo: tmr
2016_holden_astra_spy_photos_07 Photo: tmr
2013_buick_riviera_concept_01a Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_20 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_07 Photo: tmr
2016_holden_astra_spy_photos_12 Photo: tmr
2013_buick_riviera_concept_09 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_22 Photo: tmr
2016_holden_astra_spy_photos_01 Photo: tmr
2013_buick_verano_turbo_05 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_10 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_30 Photo: tmr
2016_holden_astra_spy_photos_08 Photo: tmr
2013_buick_riviera_concept_02 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_19 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_32 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_08 Photo: tmr
2016_holden_astra_spy_photos_10 Photo: tmr
2013_buick_riviera_concept_08 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_23 Photo: tmr
2016_holden_astra_spy_photos_03 Photo: tmr
2013_buick_verano_turbo_04 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_13 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_27 Photo: tmr
2016_holden_astra_spy_photos_06 Photo: tmr
2013_buick_riviera_concept_04 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_18 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_02 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_31 Photo: tmr
2016_holden_astra_spy_photos_13 Photo: tmr
2013_buick_riviera_concept_06 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_24 Photo: tmr
2013 Buick Riviera Concept - Shanghai Photo:
2015 Buick Avenir Concept - New Halo Holden? Photo:
2013_buick_verano_turbo_03 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_14 Photo: tmr
2016_holden_astra_spy_photos_05 Photo: tmr
2013_buick_riviera_concept_01 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_16 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_01 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_04 Photo: tmr
2016_holden_astra_spy_photos_08a Photo: tmr
2013_buick_riviera_concept_05 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_21 Photo: tmr
2013_buick_verano_turbo_02 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_09 Photo: tmr
2013_buick_riviera_concept_10 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_15 Photo: tmr
2016_holden_astra_spy_photos_02 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_12 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_29 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_03 Photo: tmr
2016_holden_astra_spy_photos_09 Photo: tmr
2013_buick_riviera_concept_07 Photo: tmr
2015_buick_avenir_concept_holden_17 Photo: tmr
Mike Stevens | Apr, 16 2015 | 1 Comment

Buick, overseas stablemate to Australia’s Holden, will unveil its new Verano small sedan at next week’s Shanghai Auto Show.

The current model, launched in 2011, is essentially a re-styled version of the Opel Astra sedan. Although it wears its own unique look at both ends, much of the Verano’s body and interior is shared with the Astra.

The new model, teased today in a single shadowy image, appears likely to again share an obvious connection with its Opel platform mate.

Above: the current Astra-based Verano.
Above: the current Astra-based Verano.

Opel has yet to reveal its next-generation Astra, although TMR’s spy photos of the new hatch model reveal tail-lights that are similar to the hooked design shown with today’s Verano teaser.

An integrated boot-lip spoiler can also be seen, along with a pair of sharply creased character lines through the profile.

Buick says that, up front, we can expect to see styling elements from the 2013 Riviera and 2015 Avenir concepts.

Technical details are still to come, but it is understood the new Verano will ride on the same Delta II platform that will underpin the Astra and the Chevrolet/Holden Cruze range, among others.

The upcoming new Holden Astra.
The upcoming new Holden Astra.

The new Verano will launch first in China, where it will be sold as the ‘Wei Lang’, will a US-market launch to come in late 2016.

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