Brochure Leak Gives First Glimpse At 2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country: UPDATED Photo:

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Kez Casey | Jun, 10 2016 | 0 Comments

UPDATE: Isn't the fast-paced world of the internet a wonderful place? The V90 Cross Country Images shown below aren't real, or leaked at all - just a good old fashined photoshopped representation of how the Cross Country might look.

Take a close look at the right-hand rear wheel and you can see that it's still the eight-spoke design of the standard car, not the six-spoke Cross Country wheel.

There will still be a V90 Cross Country, and we expect the timing to remain the same, but it looks like Volvo has managed to keep a lid on its latest model for a little longer. Check to see what we first thought of the so called leak, below.

Poor Volvo, it seems to have a hard time keeping its new designs under wraps until launch, as witnessed by this single 2017 V90 Cross Country image that snuck out ahead of the all-road wagon’s official debut.

The same fate also befell the S90 sedan and regular V90, with both of those vehicles revealed in scale model form prior to their official release.

In what appears to be a brochure image for the V90 range, first published by BurlappCars we can clearly see the top car looks a little different from the rest of the cleanly styled range, and is captioned “V90 Cross Country”.

Volvo has opted for the tried and tested formula established by the outgoing XC70 and V60 Cross Country, bumping up the ride height, fitting a unique wheel design, and adding more rugged plastic cladding around the lower body and wheel arches.

Although not yet confirmed, the powertrains for the Cross Country range are likely to mimic the regular V90 wagon with Volvo’s Drive-E four-cylinder diesel and petrol engines ranging in output from 140kW to 235kW for the twin-charged T6 variant.

It’s unclear if the high-performance T8 Twin Engine plug in hybrid powertrain from the XC90 will make its way into the V90 Cross Country yet, although Volvo’s growing green focus makes some kind of hybrid system is likely to make its way into the Cross Country.

All wheel drive is also set to appear under some variants of the V90 Cross Country range, but despite the go-anywhere image, entry level varants may stick to front wheel drive, in Europe at least.

Expect the full suite of Volvo driver aids to appear as well, with City Safety, lane keeping assist, run-off-road mitigation, and adaptive cruise control from the regular V90 range set to be ported across to the Cross Country.

With the car still to make an official debut launch time is still unclear, but the S90 is set to reach Australian shores later this year, and the regular V90 will follow in early 2017, so after a bit of breathing space the V90 Cross Country should appear here in the second half of 2017.

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