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Brisbane CBD Hits The Hip Pocket Hardest For Short-term Parking: RACQ Photo:
Mike Stevens | Jul, 04 2012 | 1 Comment

The Brisbane CBD has topped the country's list of expensive short-term parking hotspots, according to new data from insurer RACQ.

The study showed that Brisbane motorists are now paying 28.7 percent more than at the same time last year, and around four times more than in 2001.

RACQ's Michael Roth said that motorists are now being slugged an average of $27.94 for an hour's parking in the CBD - five percent more than Sydney's $26.71, and a huge 64 percent higher than Melbourne's $17.08 average hourly rate.

"More than 60 percent of the maximum daily parking charge in the Brisbane CBD is accrued in the first two hours, which really slugs those who need short term parking.

"It means that Brisbane motorists who want to go to the CBD for a movie, shopping or some other purpose will pay an average of $42.31 for two hours’ parking and $65.71 for four hours."

Motorists looking for between two and four hours parking are worst off in Sydney, where the privilege will run you around $51.35 and $72.25 respectively.

For all-day parking, Sydney is again the biggest offender, leeching an average of $74.23 from motorists looking for eight hours' parking.

Brisbane ranks second with an average of $65.83 - up from $51.97 around a year ago - while Melbourne ranks third at $63.68.

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