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B.N.U.D.S: Latvian For Luxury SUV Photo:

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Malcolm Flynn | Aug, 02 2012 | 1 Comment

Dartz is at it again, with the announcement of a new super-luxury SUV model under development.

Set to be called Nagel Dakkar, Latvian specialist-builders Dartz describes the Landcruiser 200-sized model as a new class of car it terms B.N.U.D.S.

Standing for Bespoke, Noble, Urban, Desert, Safety, the acronym is somewhat reminiscent of the roughly-translated decals that appeared on the flanks of many Japanese domestic models through the 90s.

The Nagel Dakkar’s styling has been hinted at with basic pencil sketches and a rendered image, with Dartz keen to point out the customisable nature of the production model’s exterior.

“We are bespoke car builders - maybe it will have different bodies. Our customers must have choice," the company said in a release.

The Dakkar’s AMG-supplied 5.5 litre twin-turbo V8 and seven-speed transmission will not be customisable, which is no great loss given it will already be tweaked to produce 485kW and 650Nm.

Also standard will be a titanium (yes, titanium) tubular frame chassis, with long and short wheelbase variants planned.

The Nagel Dakkar’s press release states that the company’s aim is to capture at least 1.3 percent of the world luxury SUV market, though it projects the production of just 10 units in 2013, ramping up to 40 units by 2015.

Dartz previously reached the western limelight with its giant Prombron Red Diamond Edition luxury SUV (note: gallery may be unsuitable for viewing at work), cordially remembered for its on-again, off-again whale-penis interior trim.

The whale-penis trim was famously removed from the spec sheet, following intervention from Pamela Anderson and animal rights body PETA.

The Pombron Red Diamond Edition retailed for €1 million (AU$1.17 million), making the Nagel Dakkar’s €250-300,000 (AU$290-350,000) projected pricetag seem like a relative bargain.

Clearly titanium is in relative abundance in Latvia.

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