BMW Unveils Street Light EV Charger Concept Photo:
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Trevor Collett | Nov, 12 2014 | 0 Comments

BMW has unveiled in Germany a simple solution to one of the underlying problems facing owners of electric cars - charging infrastructure.

The German carmaker has unveiled its ‘Light And Charge’ concept, which uses street lights as charging points for EVs.

The new technology is set to be trialled in Munich next year, with a pair of the new street lights to be installed soon.

Besides offering recharging facilities for EVs, the street lamps will use an LED lighting design modelled on car headlights.

BMW claims the output reduces light pollution as the ‘beam’ is better focussed on the areas it is designed to illuminate, meaning less intrusion from street lights into nearby residences.

If the trial is successful, the Light And Charge street lamps could quickly provide a solution to the chronic shortage of EV charging stations in many of the world's cities.

2014 BMW i3
2014 BMW i3

The lamps are designed to tap into a city’s existing power grid, and can charge a variety of EVs; not just BMWs.

Users would pay for the service via a smartphone app, although the cost to fully recharge an EV - and the price of the street lamp itself - will of course vary between countries and jurisdictions.

BMW already offers the i Wallbox Pro for home or office-charging of its i3 and i8 EVs, and is rumoured to be teaming up with Tesla to eventually utilise the latter’s Supercharging network.

In Australia, the locally-developed Veefil charger is set to be rolled-out over a 430km corridor in Queensland's South East soon.

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