BMW Powerslides Afoul Of Australian Advertising Rules: Video Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Apr, 30 2014 | 7 Comments

Another red-blooded automotive commercial has come under fire, with a new BMW clip attracting the ire of Australia’s advertising watchdog.

Shown in cinemas around the country, the advertisement used footage from an overseas clip that debuted last year, which showed the company’s new 2 Series Coupe tearing around American roads.

The 45-second ad quickly became the subject of viewer complaints, submitted to Australia’s Advertising Standards Board (ASB) as an example of “typical hoon activity”.

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Complaints received by the ASB highlight moments in the ad that see the coupe “accelerating at speed” and encountering “significant loss of traction”.

The ad “portrays an unfavourable message, contrary to safe and sensible driving,” one complainant said.

The board has upheld the complaints, finding that the commercial is in conflict with automotive advertising codes by showcasing “unsafe driving”.

Governed by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, the Advertising for Motor Vehicles Voluntary Code of Practice states that car ads must not in any way show unsafe driving.

Responding to the ruling, BMW Australia said that the footage used in the advertisement was “sped up in pace from the original stock footage” to match the localised accompanying music, and for cost reasons.

The company added that the scenes were filmed on private property, and that the creative processes used in the ad “are likely to have been exaggerated from the viewer’s perspective in a cinema environment with Dolby surround sound and high definition, super-size cinema screens”.

Luckily for BMW - in this case, at least - the advertising campaign finished a full six days before the ASB handed down its verdict.

Check out the ads - Australian and overseas - below.

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