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BMW M235i Takes Up Synchronised Sliding In South Africa: Video Photo:

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Mike Stevens | Jul, 31 2014 | 0 Comments

If synchronised swimming doesn’t do much for you, BMW has a roundabout in South Africa it’d like you to check out.

This new clip, dubbed ‘Drift Mob Show’, is the final result of a cryptic teaser image that surfaced this week.

The video sees BMW’s new M235i hero coupe head to South Africa’s Cape Town for a spot of synchronised power sliding.

Piloted by the likes of Rhys Millen and Samuel Hubinette, the coupes - all finished in ‘Melbourne Red’ - are shown hurling around the big traffic island while onlookers snap away.

Not bad, as publicity stunts go. You wouldn't see this in Australia, of course. Hooning, that is. Carmakers get in mighty big trouble for that sort of thing.

M235i: The Rundown

If you need an update, the M235i is powered by BMW’s twin-scroll turbocharged 3.0 litre six that delivers 240kW and 450Nm.

Six-speed manual and eight-speed auto shifters are available, and power is sent - as it should be - to the rear wheels.

The 'not quite a true M car' - but still blisteringly quick - M235i boasts a 0-100km/h time of 4.8 seconds, just two-tenths short of the full-AMG CLA 45 sedan.

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