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BMW M140i and M240i Models On The Way Photo:

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Kez Casey | Sep, 04 2015 | 1 Comment

The compact rear-wheel-drive range from BMW is expected to see a small revision in 2017, with the M135i and M235i models replaced by more powerful variants.

Names for the two models will also change, with the hatch wearing the M140i tag, and the two door models changing to M240i.

The move, as foreshadowed by changes made to the updated 3 Series range, which debuts here next month, see’s the old N55 straight six engine replaced with the newer B58 designated engine.

Capacity remains the same at 3.0 litres, but power is expected to jump from the current engine’s 240kW by at extra 10-15kW.

The new turbocharged six-cylinder powerplant will also be joined by a revised four-cylinder turbo, which will see the 228i badge replaced by a 230i nameplate. Again, the 228i’s 180kW should see a mild boost of around 5kW.

The new engines will be introduced up to 12 months ahead of an update for the 2 Series, with an LCI (Life Cycle Impulse - BMW’s way of describing an update) not expected until 2018.

1 Series models received their LCI, with heavy styling revisions to the front and rear end, earlier this year.

At the top of the range, BMW is still to introduce an M2 coupe. Expected to arrive with up to 280kW from an even more powerful turbo six.

To go with the more powerful engine wider bodywork, unique suspension components, and a heavy-duty braking package are expected to set the M2 apart from the more mainstream 2 Series models.

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