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Tony O'Kane | Jan, 03 2014 | 3 Comments

Though it's a little different from a conventional capped-price servicing programme, BMW Australia has revised the pricing of its BMW Service Inclusive and MINI TLC maintenance schemes, producing savings of between $300 and $800 depending on model.

Offered as an option on all new BMWs and MINIs, the BSI and TLC packages aim to constrain the cost of routine maintenance by bundling these expenses into one lump sum paid when a customer buys their car.

The range of cover varies from 3 years/60,000km to 5 years/100,000km for BMWs and 3 years/50,00km to 6 years/110,000km for MINIs.

However BMW Australia has focused on tweaked the pricing for the 5yr/80,000km package for BMWs and 5yr/70,000km package for MINIs to offer customers more value for money.

For new BMW vehicles, two schemes are offered: BSI Basic and BSI Plus. For BSI basic, all basic servicing (oil, all filters, spark plugs and brake fluid) is covered for the first five years or 80,000km of the vehicle's life - including the labour cost of maintenance.

Move up to BSI Plus and items like brake pads, brake discs, clutches and wiper blades are also covered, albeit at extra cost.

The structure is identical for MINI's TLC program, which also offers two tiers of maintenance cover - MINI TLC Basic and MINI TLC Plus. The only difference is that all MINI vehicles cost $850 for the TLC Basic scheme when you purchase the 5yr/70,000km package.

All M5, 6 Series and 7 Series models are sold with the BSI Basic scheme as standard.

For a general price break down of the BSI Basic scheme at the 5yr/80,000km level, see below. Pricing for the BSI Plus and TLC Plus schemes vary from dealer to dealer.

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