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bmw_i3_i8_concepts_09 Photo: tmr
Malcolm Flynn | Jun, 15 2012 | 0 Comments

BMW has reaffirmed its pricing strategy for its upcoming i8 Coupe hybrid, still at least two years away from its Australian launch.

Speaking at the opening of BMW’s ‘i’ sub-brands first sales outlet in London, BMW global sales chief Ian Robertson said that the i8 will sell for more than €100,000 in Europe.

This puts the i8 in Audi R8 V10 territory, which currently sells in Australia for $351,300, and also similar to the US$103,000 Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid.

The German manufacturer first dropped the €100,000 number nearly 12 months ago, when the i8 debuted in concept form.

BMW is investing the equivalent of AU$665 million to establish the ‘i’ sub-brand, in a bid to maintain its worldwide sales lead over Audi and Mercedes Benz.

The i8 is expected to be beaten to market by the pure-electric i3 city car late next year, with the range expected to expand to further models in future.

Robertson would not offer a figure for the i3, merely stating that it will be priced "very competitively for the substance you get".

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