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Trevor Collett | Sep, 23 2017 | 0 Comments

BMW looks set to up the ante on its all-electric i3 battery pack as new electric vehicle models from various carmakers continue to push the envelope on maximum range.

Website BMW Blog reports that the update will come barely twelve months after the i3’s most recent update, which saw the battery pack upgraded to 94 Ah (ampere hour).

The 94 Ah update brought a new maximum range of 300km (up from 190km). However, an unnamed source reportedly confirmed that the new battery pack will be 120 Ah.

The new battery could be enough to push the maximum range beyond 350km, while also bringing a slight boost to performance.

Currently, the i3 94 Ah’s electric motor is rated at 125kW and 250Nm with a 0-100km/h sprint time of 7.2 seconds.

The BMW i3 with range-extending twin-cylinder petrol engine will likely continue, and while the new battery pack should boost its overall range, an official figure for the 2018 i3 REX is currently unknown.

Of course the bigger battery may simply be an option with the new i3s sports variant (pictured), unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

BMW has already confirmed that the i3s ups power and torque to 135kW/270Nm while trimming the 0-100km/h time by 0.3s. Top speed also gets a boost at 160km/h for the i3s, up from 150km/h for the regular i3.

But besides these changes, BMW has made no official announcement regarding a 120 Ah battery pack. Stay tuned.

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