BMW i3 REx Adding Two-cylinder Engine Photo:
bmw_i3_concept_coupe_05 Photo: tmr
bmw_i3_electric_city_car_mkii_concept_08 Photo: tmr
bmw_i3_electric_city_car_mkii_concept_05a Photo: tmr
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bmw_i3_concept_coupe_05a Photo: tmr
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bmw_i_pedelec_electric_assisted_bicycle_03 Photo: tmr
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bmw_i_store_london_04 Photo: tmr
bmw_i3_concept_coupe_02 Photo: tmr
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bmw_i_store_london_03 Photo: tmr
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bmw_i3_concept_coupe_04 Photo: tmr
bmw_i3_concept_coupe_08 Photo: tmr
bmw_i_pedelec_electric_assisted_bicycle_02 Photo: tmr
bmw_i3_electric_city_car_mkii_concept_05 Photo: tmr
BMW i3 Concept Coupe Photo:
bmw_i3_electric_city_car_mkii_concept_05b Photo: tmr
bmw_i3_concept_coupe_11 Photo: tmr
bmw_i_store_london_01 Photo: tmr
bmw_i3_electric_city_car_mkii_concept_05g Photo: tmr
bmw_i3_concept_coupe_17 Photo: tmr
TMR Team | Jan, 24 2013 | 0 Comments

Buyers of BMW's upcoming i3 city car will have a choice to make: pure electricity, or electricity with a dash of petrol-powered range extension.

For now, BMW has revealed only one version of the little i hatch, which uses a 125kW/250Nm electric motor and lithium-ion battery pack to deliver a driving range of around 160km.

Another variant, known as the i3 REx, will add a version of BMW Motorrad's two-cylinder petrol engine to boost the hatch's range to around 400km.

Like the Holden Volt, the petrol engine will work to power a generator that will in turn charge the i3 REx's battery pack on the go, kicking in only when the pack's charge falls to a certain point.

Speaking with industry paper Automotive News, BMW's Herbert Diess said that he expects the REx to prove a popular choice among buyers not yet ready to embrace the relatively short driving range of pure electric vehicles.

"I imagine many buyers will order the range extender to cure their range anxiety, discovering later they need it very seldom," he said.

"For those who plan a daily use of the range extender, probably the i3 is not the right choice, with a plug-in hybrid model being a better suitable solution."

He added however that most buyers drawn to a car as small as the i3 are unlikely to drive further than 160km on any given trip, suggesting the REx's petrol engine will rarely see action.

Revealed as a concept in 2011, alongside the supercar-styled i8 Coupe, the i3 is expected to make its production debut at September's Frankfurt Motor Show.

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