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Trevor Collett | Apr, 06 2016 | 0 Comments

With connectivity and intelligent transport systems becoming mainstream, technology will increasingly do the hard work for us in choosing routes and calculating travel times.

Road authorities, traffic signals and other vehicles will be inter-connected to your vehicle and informed of your intended route, where you are in real-time along the course of your journey and retain contact with your car to enable it to respond to changing traffic conditions.

But BMW has decided to skip ahead of the connected car route, for now, by launching an app for owners that completes many of the same tasks.

Customers in the US will be the first to sample the technology, called BMW Connected, which lets your smartphone or tablet inform you when to depart and how long the journey is expected to take via real-time alerts.

But how, you may ask?

The carmaker says a number of sources will be used to calculate the data, including cloud-based data and user’s arrival and departure times based on the intended destination.

BMW Connected will also incorporate other BMW services such as remote vehicle locking, fuel-level, and vehicle locating services.

And the service doesn’t end once the journey begins, with alerts shifting from your smart device to the car’s on-board infotainment screen.

Speaking with industry paper Automotive News, BMW CEO Harald Krueger said earlier this month that BMW is looking to tackle the likes of Apple and Google with its own technology, rather than expect owners to rely on outside sources for access to mobility products.

BMW is also looking to improve the integration of smartphone experiences from outside and inside the car.

The carmaker plans to make the technology available to markets outside the US later this year, starting with Europe. BMW Australia expects to see the new tech from early 2017, but this is yet to be confirmed.

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