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Trevor Collett | May, 06 2013 | 0 Comments

BMW has announced a host of upgrades to various models that will be introduced during the European summer.

Major upgrades include ECO PRO Mode, BMW ConnectedDrive improvements, optional eight-speed sports-automatic transmissions with launch control, and greater availability of the xDrive four wheel drive system on 1 Series and 3 Series.

Almost all of BMW's European petrol powered models will soon comply with new Euro VI exhaust emissions standards, well before the September 2014 deadline in Europe and the mid-2017 deadline in Australia.

Speaking with TMR today, BMW Australia's Scott Croaker clarified the changes that we may see here.

“Firstly, we won’t see the new xDrive variants of the 1 Series and 3 Series in Australia,” Mr Croaker said.

“We are currently clarifying which petrol engines available in Australia after the European summer will be Euro VI compliant.”

BMW claims that its current ECO PRO Mode can improve fuel consumption by up to 20 percent. And it could improve beyond that figure, with the addition of “sailing mode” to ECO PRO systems in BMWs with eight speed automatics.

“At speeds of between 50 and 160km/h, the drive train is disconnected as soon as the driver lifts his/her foot from the accelerator pedal without applying the brakes," BMW says of its new technology.

"As a result, the vehicle is able to ‘sail’ without engine power, thereby also achieving maximum fuel savings.”

Mr Croaker told TMR that we can expect to see “sailing mode” in Australia soon, but another ECO PRO feature called “anticipation assistant” will not be heading our way.

Anticipation assistant uses satellite navigation data to recognise bends, T-intersections and more to advise the driver on the optimum time to decelerate and brake.

“There isn’t enough satellite navigation data in Australia for ‘anticipation assistant’,” Mr Croaker said.

Mr Croaker also told TMR that Australia should see greater availability of the eight speed sports automatic with launch control in BMWs, in line with Europe, and its 5 Series was due for its mid-cycle update now as well.

“Most of the updates should apply to the upgraded 5 Series,” Mr Croaker said.

Australia can expect to see these improvements in local BMWs in September or October this year.

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