BMW 6 Series V8 Trio Gets Power Boost For Australia Photo:
2012 BMW 6 Series Coupe Photo:
2012_bmw_6_series_gran_coupe_australia_09 Photo: tmr
3_2011_bmw_650i_convertible_tmr_photos_01 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_650i_convertible_australia_05 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_coupe_650i_640i_06 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_gran_coupe_australia_10 Photo: tmr
3_2011_bmw_650i_convertible_tmr_photos_10 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_gran_coupe_australia_04 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_650i_convertible_australia_10 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_coupe_650i_640i_10 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_coupe_650i_640i_16 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_gran_coupe_australia_05 Photo: tmr
3_2011_bmw_650i_convertible_tmr_photos_02 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_650i_convertible_australia_04 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_coupe_650i_640i_02 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_gran_coupe_australia_11 Photo: tmr
3_2011_bmw_650i_convertible_tmr_photos_09 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_gran_coupe_australia_06 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_650i_convertible_australia_09 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_coupe_650i_640i_11 Photo: tmr
2012 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe - Australia Photo:
2012_bmw_6_series_gran_coupe_australia_08 Photo: tmr
3_2011_bmw_650i_convertible_tmr_photos_03 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_coupe_650i_640i_14 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_650i_convertible_australia_03 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_coupe_650i_640i_01 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_gran_coupe_australia_14 Photo: tmr
3_2011_bmw_650i_convertible_tmr_photos_08 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_650i_convertible_australia_07 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_coupe_650i_640i_09 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_gran_coupe_australia_16 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_gran_coupe_australia_03 Photo: tmr
3_2011_bmw_650i_convertible_tmr_photos_06 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_coupe_650i_640i_15 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_650i_convertible_australia_02 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_coupe_650i_640i_05 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_gran_coupe_australia_12 Photo: tmr
3_2011_bmw_650i_convertible_tmr_photos_05 Photo: tmr
2011 BMW 650i Convertible - Australia Photo:
2012_bmw_6_series_650i_convertible_australia_08 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_coupe_650i_640i_08 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_gran_coupe_australia_17 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_gran_coupe_australia_07 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_650i_convertible_australia_12 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_coupe_650i_640i_13 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_coupe_650i_640i_04 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_gran_coupe_australia_13 Photo: tmr
3_2011_bmw_650i_convertible_tmr_photos_07 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_650i_convertible_australia_06 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_coupe_650i_640i_07 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_gran_coupe_australia_15 Photo: tmr
3_2011_bmw_650i_convertible_tmr_photos_12 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_gran_coupe_australia_02 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_650i_convertible_australia_11 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_coupe_650i_640i_12 Photo: tmr
Mike Stevens | Sep, 05 2012 | 0 Comments

The V8 driving BMW's 6 Series models has been given a meaty power boost for Australia - and in the case of the two-door models, the enhancement will cost buyers $500 less than before.

The upgrade also marks the debut of a V8 option in the four-door 6 Series Gran Coupe, entering above the twin-turbo six-cylinder 640i.

Now available in all three bodystyles, the twin-turbo 4.4 litre V8 has been given an extra 30kW and 50Nm of torque, to make for a solid 330kW and 650Nm.

As a result, the 0-100km/h time of all 6 Series variants is now listed at 4.6 seconds - around a half-second quicker than before.

The improved output is thanks in part to the addition of BMW's Valvetronic variable valve control system. Together with the double Vanos variable camshaft timing, direct injection system and twin turbochargers, power is up and efficiency is increased.

That means fuel consumption remains unchanged, sitting at 8.9 l/100km for the 650i hardtop models and 9.2 l/100km for the 650i Convertible.

The arrival of the 650i variant in the Gran Coupe range also brings features largely in-line with the two-door models, including four-zone auto climate control, Comfort heated and ventilated electric front seats, Professional Navigation pack and 600watt Professional audio system.

There's also adaptive LED headlights, High Beam Assist, colour Head Up Display and Surround View, Adaptive Drive, and Dynamic Driving Control with ECO PRO mode.



  • 2013 650i Coupe - $231,800 (-$500)
  • 2013 650i Gran Coupe - $238,800 (new)
  • 2013 650i Convertible - $247,900 (-$500)

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