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Mike Stevens | Dec, 04 2014 | 0 Comments

BMW’s big 6 Series is an exceptional tourer in Coupe and Convertible form, and a stylish passenger option in its four-door Gran Coupe form.

A serious rival to the Porsche 911 it is not - not even in powerful M6 form - but that’s a point that BMW is reportedly planning to address with the next generation.

According to the UK’s Car magazine, the new 6 Series Coupe will be lighter and more capable, setting the range apart as a true halo model - alongside the futuristic i8 and beyond the smaller 4 Series models.

The report claims that BMW will dig deep to cut around 100 to 200kg from the 640i Coupe model’s current 1660kg kerb weight, making it a match for the likes of Porsche’s 991 911 Turbo.

Part of that weight loss regime will come through reducing the dimensions of the Coupe and Convertible models, delivering a shorter track, shorter overhangs and a wider track.

This, the report says, will all be thanks to an all-new ‘Cluster Architecture’ (CLAR) platform that will also make its way to other BMW models, including the big new 7 Series limo.

Features of the new architecture will reportedly include a liberal application of carbon fibre, matched with high-strength steel, magnesium, titanium and aluminium alloys, all of which should also contribute to a lower centre of gravity.

Power in the new models is still expected to come from a combination of six- and eight-cylinder engines, ranging from 250 and 260kW petrol sixes to a 355kW 4.4 litre turbo V8 in the 650i.

As for the top-shelf M6, the report claims BMW’s M division will plant a 447kW 4.4 biturbo V8 in the big coupe’s chest, comfortably bettering the 412kW 4.4 V8 in the current models.

Of course, aiming the 6 Series at the 911 range - along with the Jaguar F-Type and AMG’s GT Coupe - will mean more than just power and ‘lightness’.

To further the new hero’s cause, BMW M will reportedly also bless high-end models with downforce-enhancing blades at the front and rear, along with an active aero kit as standard for the M6.

Can all of this be believed? BMW won’t be going out of its way to confirm any of these details, and there’s also BMW’s sports-car partnership with Toyota to be considered.

That alliance is expected to result in a new Z4, which would realistically sit below this 911-level performer… but couldn’t the company use that same platform for its top-end battle Porsche, Jaguar and Mercedes-AMG?

We’d have thought so. Time will tell.

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