BMW 5 And 6 Series V8s Get Power Boost, In Australia By Late 2012 Photo:
2011_bmw_5_series_sedan_03 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_6_series_coupe_650i_640i_05 Photo: tmr
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2011_bmw_5_series_sedan_05 Photo: tmr
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2011_bmw_5_series_touring_wagon_05 Photo: tmr
2012 BMW 6 Series Coupe Photo:
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2011_bmw_5_series_sedan_04 Photo: tmr
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2012_bmw_6_series_coupe_650i_640i_02 Photo: tmr
2011_bmw_5_series_sedan_02 Photo: tmr
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2011_bmw_5_series_sedan_08 Photo: tmr
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2011_bmw_5_series_sedan_06 Photo: tmr
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2011_bmw_5_series_touring_wagon_01 Photo: tmr
Peter Anderson | Jun, 26 2012 | 0 Comments

BMW's V8-powered 550i and 650i models are set to get a power bump for the 2013 model year, with Australian availability confirmed for later this year.

Hot on the heels of a huge range of techno-upgrades to the interior of the international 5 Series range, the twin-turbo V8 will climb to 331kW and 640Nm of twist - up from 300kW and 600Nm.

The twin-turbo 4.4 litre, known internally as N63TU, will also find its way into the updated 7 Series and 6 Series Gran Coupe. In fact, just about anything with '50i' in the title will also get the engine, short of the X5 and X6 SUVs.

While the current 550i sedan's fuel consumption is listed at 10.4l/100km, details on any improvements to fuel use are still to be revealed.

The upgraded engines join the clever new optional individualised instrument panels that were announced in May.



Exact dates for Australian availabilty are yet to be confirmed, but a BMW Australia spokesperson has confirmed with TMR that we can expect the updated features towards the end of September.

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