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Mike Stevens | Nov, 07 2013 | 0 Comments

BMW has announced a new technology-focused Innovations Package for its Australian 3 Series range, streamlining a number of safety options into a single new pack.

Priced from $2700 to $3900 depending on the model, features in the Innovations pack range from BMW's Head-Up display and parking sensors, to assistance systems and camera options.

The pack is available only from November 2013 to March 2014 production, and BMW says it has boosted customer value by as much as $4300.

For all models, the Innovation features include BMW Head-Up Display, Surround View, Parking and Driving Assistant, Lane Change Warning (blindspot monitoring) and Comfort Access.

Features for models not already equipped with these items include Front Park Distances Control (316i sedan, 318d sedan and touring), Rear View Camera (already standard on 320i and 328i Touring models), exterior mirrors with anti-dazzle function and Instrument cluster with extended contents (already standard on 328i models and above).

The Driving Assistant system includes collision and Lane Departure Warning, the latter differing from Lane Change Warning by alerting the driver to unintentional drifting across lane markings.

The Comfort Access System enables keyless vehicle access via the driver’s door, front passenger door and luggage compartment lid. This feature includes vicinity lighting integrated into the front and rear exterior door handles and hands-free opening of the tailgate via a deliberate foot movement under the rear bumper.

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Innovaction Pack Pricing (Manufacturer's List Price)

  • BMW 316i Sedan - $3,000
  • BMW 318d Sedan - $3,000
  • BMW 320i Sedan - $3,000
  • BMW 320d Sedan - $3,000
  • BMW 328i Sedan - $3,000
  • BMW 335i Sedan - $3,900
  • BMW ActiveHybrid 3 - $3,900
  • BMW 318d Touring - $3,000
  • BMW 320i Touring - $2,700
  • BMW 328i Touring - $3,510

2013 Updated 3 Series Sedan and Touring Pricing

  • BMW 316i Sedan - $52,300 (up from $50,900)
  • BMW 318d Sedan - $57,800 (up from $56,400)
  • BMW 320i Sedan - $60,000 (up from $58,600)
  • BMW 320d Sedan - $62,300 (up from $60,900)
  • BMW 328i Sedan - $68,900 (up from $65,900)
  • BMW 335i Sedan - $93,400 (up from $91,400)
  • BMW ActiveHybrid 3 - $99,700 (up from $97,700)
  • BMW 318d Touring - $60,300 (up from $58,900)
  • BMW 320i Touring - $64,000 (up from $62,600)
  • BMW 328i Touring - $72,900 (up from $69,990)

Prices exclude on-road costs.

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