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Bentley Planning Four-door Coupe: Report Photo:
TMR Team | Oct, 03 2013 | 1 Comment

Bentley might soon join the growing number of carmakers to offer a model that straddles the line between regular sedan and sleek four-door coupe.

Imagined in the rendering above by digital artist Theophilus Chin, the new model could merge the profile of Bentley's big Continental GT coupe with a more practical four-door body.

According to the UK's Car magazine, Bentley is nearing a decision on building the new entry-level sedan on the same rear/all-wheel-drive MSB platform destined for Porsche's next-generation Panamera.

Bentley is understood to have also considered Audi's new front/all-wheel-drive D5 platform, although a 'big picture' approach is understood to have seen the carmaker choose Porsche's "more flexible" MSB for a brand-wide application.

"For the Continental range of cars, D5 would have probably done the job almost as well," an insider reportedly told the magazine.

"But we were looking at the big picture, for 2020 and beyond, when the brand will need a more flexible platform to underpin a Mulsanne successor. And it allows us to keep dreaming about a small Bentley. By small I mean sub-5 metres, but only just!"

Above: the big and stately Bentley Mulsanne.
Above: the big and stately Bentley Mulsanne.

The MSB platform is also significantly lighter than Bentley's current architecture, meaning that future models could shave a huge 450kg from their kerb weight, depending on the model.

The report suggests that Bentley's Volkswagen masters are keen for the revered Bentley badge to be made more accessible to those shopping at the top end of the Mercedes-Benz and BMW lines - and its own 'one step down' Audi range.

The new model would become Bentley's volume model, with a goal of around 5-6000 deliveries each year and a price tag in the £110,000 range. By comparison, the new S 63 AMG is priced at £119,565 in the UK.

If approved, the new four-door coupe would be unlikely to appear before 2018, following the late 2015 launch of Bentley's new SUV.

Above: the 2014 Continental Flying Spur.
Above: the 2014 Continental Flying Spur.

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