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Kez Casey | Oct, 07 2016 | 1 Comment

Bentley, and American technology start-up Filld have announced a new collaboration which will bring fuel to Bentley owners wherever they happen to be - provided it’s in California.

The trial, driven by Filld’s app-based interface, aims to ensure that Californian Bentley owners will be spared the plebeian task of having to find their own filling station, lift the heavy fuel filler nozzle, and then stand there waiting while the fuel tank fills. Urgh, how tiresome.

All Bentley owners need to do is nominate a time they’d like their car to be topped up and the Filld app, via Bentley’s connected services, can then locate the vehicle and even pop the fuel filler lid.

“Bentley ownership is about more than just the vehicle – it’s the entire luxury experience. We are continuously investigating ways in which to offer our customers tailored, convenient, smart services that afford them the greatest luxury of all: more time.” According to Bentley’s director of product and marketing, Christophe Georges.

Interestingly, the trial also happens to launch just as Bentley prepares to launch its first ever diesel car, the Bentayga V8 Diesel SUV - now we’re not saying that diesel filling pumps are usually slick with spilled fuel, and smell like a heavy industrial workshop… Oh wait, we are.

Don't try this at home: It's best not to use your mobile device while refuelling, this man is a trained model
Don't try this at home: It's best not to use your mobile device while refuelling, this man is a trained model

While average Aussie punter probably wouldn’t think twice about jamming a high-flow diesel nozzle into their Prado or Ranger, a typical Bentley Bentayga owner with a fist full of Tiffany rings, a freshly applied layer of Cremé de La Mer hand cream (look it up) and and overpriced manicure might see things differently.

Bentley is yet to reveal when the fill-er-up service will spread beyond the Californian trial, but if it all goes to plan in the US Bentley owners can expect to be spared the tedium of refuelling soon.

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