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Trevor Collett | Jul, 30 2015 | 3 Comments

Organisers of the Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12-Hour have announced the 2016 event, and beyond, will be promoted by Supercars Events.

Supercars Events operates under the V8 Supercars banner (soon to drop the ‘V8’ term), and the move is seen as something of a peace deal between V8 Supercars and Australian GT Racing.

The announcement follows the debacle that was Sunday February 8 this year, which saw V8 Supercars schedule a compulsory test session at Sydney Motorsport Park on the same day that the 12-Hour was being run at Mount Panorama.

Furthermore, V8 Supercars banned all of its regular drivers from competing in the 12-Hour - a move that won virtually no support from race fans and was viewed by some as the beginning of a category ‘war’.

But it’s all peace songs and olive branches now it would seem, as the 12-Hour appoints Supercars Events in conjunction with Yeehah Events and the Bathurst Regional Council to promote the endurance race.

“Yeehah Events’ James O’Brien and his team have done a fantastic job to establish the event and we are very proud to be able to add our expertise to take it to the next level,” V8 Supercars CEO James Warburton said.

Mr O’Brien said he believed Supercars Events would significantly enhance the race he revived in 2007, drawing on experience from the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 and other major events.

“It has been an interesting journey and an event I am proud of,” O’Brien said. “The work and dedication of so many stakeholders, not least the officials and volunteers, has been humbling.”

Councillor and Mayor of Bathurst, Gary Rush, welcomed the appointment, saying Supercars Event had a strong relationship with Council.

A suggested ‘solution’ to the date-clash this year involved a 'mega weekend' at Bathurst, with a V8 test day on the Saturday followed by the 12-Hour on Sunday.

But fans hoping to see such an event at The Mountain next year will be disappointed, with Warburton confirming the Supercars class would not hold a pre-season test day at Bathurst.

The 2016 Bathurst 12-Hour will be run from February 5-7, and the Seven Network has again confirmed it will broadcast every minute of the race across its Seven and 7-Mate channels.

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