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Autonomous Emergency Braking Can Save Lives: ANCAP Photo:
Malcolm Flynn | Jul, 23 2012 | 1 Comment

ANCAP is praising the benefits of what it terms Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), following recent data released by its European counterpart, Euro NCAP.

The report suggests that AEB systems can reduce European vehicle collisions by up to 27 percent, despite only 20 percent of new car models being equipped with the technology.

Similar data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in the US show a 14 percent drop in insurance claims from motorists that own vehicles fitted with the system.

“AEB is yet another technology that offers the potential for significant reductions in the road toll and can probably be considered the next ‘seat belt’ or ‘Electronic Stability Control’ equivalent in terms of saving lives,” ANCAP boss Nicholas Clarke said.

An AEB system has the capability to recognise potential collisions ahead and apply braking force if the driver fails to take evasive action.

Several AEB systems are available locally, including Mercedes Benz's ‘PreSafe’, Volvo's ‘Collision Avoidance with Auto Brake’, and Subaru's ‘EyeSight’.

Currently however, the technology remains an optional extra, or available only on top-line Australian models.

“In Europe, AEB is not restricted to higher priced models only, so we are hoping for early installation of AEB across the model range in Australia and New Zealand,” Clarke said.

ANCAP doesn’t currently consider AEB manadatory for a 5-Star rating under its recently revised criteria set for 2017, but is considering doing so, given its proven safety outcomes.

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