Autonomous Cars To Top 11.8M By 2035: Study Photo:
Tony O'Kane | Jan, 03 2014 | 0 Comments

Autonomous cars are a hot topic these days, but while the techonology for self-driving cars is making swift progress, the jury is out on whether motorists will warm to the idea of a car they don't need to control.

A study released mid-last year speculated that autonomous cars won't appear as full production models until 2025, however a new study by forecasting firm IHS Automotive suggests that the uptake of autonomous vehicles will rise quickly in the years following.

The study says that just 0.2 percent of global vehicle sales in 2025 will be for autonomous vehicles, owing to the low availability of production models, public scepticism of the technology and the added cost compared to a conventional car.

However, the study says that over the next ten years uptake of self-driving cars will increase to 9.2 percent of global sales, with North America expected to account for 29 percent of that volume. China and Europe will be the next largest markets, with 24 and 20 percent respectively.

Until 2035 rolls around though, IHS Automotive expects progress to be slow on the road to true automotive autonomy.

Cars that can safely drive themselves aren't expected to appear before 2020, and IHS Automotive says most "autonomous" cars at this stage will essentially be equipped with an advanced cruise control system, and will still need occasional driver intervention.

But cars without any form of driver controls like pedals or a steering wheel are expected to become a reality by 2030, and it's cars like this that may account for the bulk of autonomous vehicle sales by 2035 - if IHS Automotive's crystal ball is correct, that is.

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