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An Australian company has produced a demonstration roof for an Audi A1 made from carbon-fibre, winning itself a supply contract with the German luxury automaker in the process.

Quickstep Holdings participated in a four-year program funded in part by the German Government and Audi, and the final report praised the company’s manufacturing procedures for quality and value.

The report declared Quickstep’s ‘resin spray transfer’ and ‘Qure’ systems were able to produce a ‘Class A’ paintable surface at a lower cost than traditional autoclave methods.

Quickstep says the Qure method moulds carbon-fibre components using fluids instead of standard autoclaving, reducing the costs and processing time.

These benefits can be realised for niche manufacturing volumes of up to 10,000 parts per annum, and the technology could also be applied to boot lids, bonnets, canopies and more.

Audi A1
Audi A1

In proving its wares to the German audience, Quickstep has now secured two automotive manufacturing contracts.

The project commenced in November 2011, and Quickstep Managing Director, David Marino, said it was an invaluable experience.

"Spearheading the project alongside several German automotive industry participants has proved invaluable, helping to broaden our technical knowledge and expertise to provide cost effective automotive manufacturing solutions," Mr Marino said.

"The project highlighted the capability and benefits of our industry‐disruptive technologies, validating our Phase 1 automotive strategy to focus initially on lower-volume opportunities.”

“This has assisted in securing Quickstep's first two automotive contracts, with manufacturing expected to commence in early 2016."

Mr Marino said Quickstep would now look to build on its existing technologies, while also introducing a new ‘RapidQure’ process aimed at higher-volume production.

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