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Veefil Fast Charger For Electric Vehicles Launched In Brisbane Photo:
TMR Team | May, 08 2013 | 1 Comment

Queensland company Tritium has launched a new electric vehicle (EV) fast charger at the Brisbane Powerhouse this week.

Called 'Veefil', the new fast charger was developed in Australia and is designed to take up minimal space, allowing several to be installed in a small area.

The company claims Veefil can charge an EV around 20 times faster than a conventional wall outlet, accommodates two plug styles and is weather sealed for outdoor use.

Tritium claims that a ten minute charge, or the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee, can provide 50km of driving range. A full charge takes 30 minutes.

Managing Director of Tritium, Dr David Finn, said the Veefil would be an ideal charger for businesses.

“The Veefil is extremely attractive to businesses that want to get involved with electric vehicles, but think it’s all too hard,” Dr Finn said.

“The tiny space requirements, combined with its stylish and sleek design, makes it easy to visualize in front of your business and attracting customers.”

Tritium says that within the next four years, one in every 100 cars built will be an EV and the company hopes the Veefil will be sold globally.

The fast charger was developed in Australia as part of a $2.3 million project funded with matching support from a federal government grant.

Tritium, in business for over ten years, also produces solar car components, with over half of the teams in the World Solar Challenge Races from Darwin to Adelaide among its customers.

The Veefil fast charger is available to order from today. http://www.veefil.com (opens in new tab).

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