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Tony O'Kane | Sep, 17 2015 | 10 Comments

Tesla Motors' power-distribution offshoot Tesla Energy has announced that Australia will be one of the first markets to receive its Powerwall home battery storage systems, which could potentially revolutionise the domestic power industry.

The United States, Germany, Switzerland and Austria will be the other launch countries for Tesla Energy's Powerwall products, which encompass a small back-up battery and scales right up to megawatt-hour level commercial-grade energy storage arrays.

But it's at the residential level where Tesla Energy hopes to capture the most interest, especially among homeowners with solar panels on the roof of their properties.

Tesla expects its sleek 7kWh Powerwall (above) to receive strong uptake, given its ability to store power generated from home solar arrays during the day - up to a peak output of 3.3kW - then release it at night when the majority of energy consumption takes place.

Without a battery storage system most residential solar arrays simply feed energy back into the grid, where it earns a feed-in tariff for the owner - between 5 and 10 cents per kilowatt-hour, depending on state and energy retailer.

However, such a system requires energy to be "bought back" later in the day when lights, computers and TVs get switched on, limiting the actual cost savings of solar power generation.

The Powerwall aims to fix that by keeping generated power at the home rather than selling it off to the grid.

Instead of Tesla's direct-sales model for its cars, Powerwall sales in Australia will instead be handled by a number of energy retailers and solar power suppliers.

Exactly which retailers are partnering with Tesla has yet to be revealed, likewise pricing, but announcements are expected to be made in the coming weeks.

While the 7kWh Powerwall is expected to be popular, a larger-capacity 10kWh daily-cycle model will also be available. A 10kWh weekly-cycle battery will also be offered as a residential back-up power storage system.

Commercial operators can also opt for the industrial-grade Powerpack, which uses 100kWh battery blocks in groups to scale from 500kWh to 10MWh of capacity.

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