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Audi's Lamborghini And Ducati Tie-up Was All About The Emissions: Report Photo:
Malcolm Flynn | Aug, 03 2012 | 1 Comment

Audi confirmed its successful takeover of Ducati in April, leading many to question the strategy behind a seemingly bizarre acquisition.

The purchase of Ducati was initially derided as a mere example of the Volkswagen Group’s thirst for brand acquisition.

However, the German car manufacturer has positioned Ducati under the stewardship of Lamborghini - itself an Audi subsidiary, according to a new report.

Motorcycle site Asphalt & Rubber has revealed the news, contained within Audi’s 2012 Interim Financial Report.

And while it would seem sensible, from a marketing angle, to pair the exotic Italian brands, A&R suggest that the strategy runs deeper still.

With the European Union working towards ever-tighter corporate average emissions regulations, supercar-exclusive (for now) brands like Lamborghini are being forced to consider drastic line-up changes in the name of emissions compliance.

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Manufacturers such as McLaren are turning to smaller-capacity, forced induction engines to achieve this, while Porsche has chosen a hybrid drivetrain for its upcoming 918 supercar.

Aston Martin has taken the extreme step of badge-engineering the Toyota iQ to satisfy these requirements with its Cygnet city car.

Placing Ducati within the same corporate umbrella as Lamborghini effectively expands its range to include several relatively emissions-friendly motorcycles - bringing its corporate average emissions figure back down to a more EU-friendly level.

This would help protect the Lamborghini brand by enabling it to continue to build its uncompromising performance models.

If this report proves correct, the marriage of Lamborghini and Ducati could prove to be shrewd.

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