Audi Passes BMW As The Cheater's Favourite Ride: Survey Photo:
Trevor Collett | Jun, 18 2013 | 4 Comments

Audi has overtaken BMW as the car most likely to be owned by a “cheating” partner, according to the annual Illicit Encounters poll.

BMW still managed to take second spot, while Mercedes-Benz in third spot made it an all-German podium.

Illicit Encounters is a British website for people seeking, believe it or not, an affair. It has over 800,000 members, and each year it asks members to identify their cars to compile the poll results.

Audis were driven by a whopping 22.21 percent of respondents, with BMW a long way behind on 13.79 percent and Mercedes-Benz scoring 8.73 percent.

Volvo and Volkswagen rounded out the top five, with scores of 7.55 and 5.74 percent respectively.

It seems you're relatively safe it your partner owns a Peugeot, a Renault or a Rover, as these are the least popular cars amongst the Illicit Encounters community. Skoda and Hyundai were also unpopular brands.

“Cars can reveal a lot about their owners, all the cars in the top five represent our members, they are typically successful, motivated, high-achievers who are less likely to settle for something they find unsatisfying, be it a car or a relationship,” spokesperson for Illicit Encounters, Mike Taylor, said:

“Car manufacturers know this and Mercedes even famously used infidelity to advertise its cars with the banned 'Not In This Weather' advert.”

We wonder, would Audi consider this to be good or bad news?

Considering 72 percent of Illicit Encounters members were likely to update their cars within three years, the result could certainly equal more sales for Audi.

Just seven percent of members are driving a primary car that is older than five years.

The Cars Driven Most by Cheaters

  1. Audi 22.21%
  2. BMW 13.79%
  3. Mercedes Benz 8.73%
  4. Volvo 7.55%
  5. Volkswagen 5.74%

The Cars Driven Least by Cheaters

  1. Peugeot 0.38%
  2. Renault 0.51%
  3. Rover 0.53%
  4. Skoda 1.05%
  5. Hyundai 1.55%

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