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Malcolm Flynn | Nov, 08 2012 | 7 Comments

Audi is set to design greater differentiation among its future models, along with greater cohesion between interior and exterior styling.

The German marque has very effectively incorporated a corporate likeness across its entire lineup over the last decade, but this will change as Audi’s design team adopts a bold new design philosophy.

Led by design chief Wolfgang Egger, this new philosophy was previewed by the Crosslane Coupe concept (pictured here) at the recent Paris Motor Show.

The Crosslane’s edgier surface language is expected to preview future SUV ‘Q’ models, with the ‘A’ range of passenger cars set to employ a distinctly different design language.

Also showcased by the Crosslane Coupe was a unique ‘Multimaterial Space Frame’, which proudly highlighted several technical elements as design details.

These included the aluminium single frame grille, windscreen surround and interior members, carbon fibre interior panels and several other details - all integrated into the Multimaterial Space Frame’s structure.

“Only when design and technology mesh perfectly does an automobile make a statement for the Audi brand. Technology will therefore no longer be enclosed, but rather exposed”, Egger said.

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Audi claims that combining multiple materials in a vehicle’s structure - as per the Multimaterial Space Frame - enables lighter and more rigid designs without significant cost increases.

The Crosslane Coupe also demonstrated Audi’s plans to improve cohesion between interior and exterior design, with exterior contour lines continued throughout the cabin, among other details.

To transfer this philosophy to future production models, Egger has established a new design studio in Munich, structured such that interior, exterior and colour/trim design staff can work together to ensure cohesion from start to finish.

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