Audi To Add Coupe, AWD And Minivan To Next-Gen A3 Range: Report Photo:
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2014_audi_a3_sedan_03_2_0_tdi_ambition_03 Photo: tmr
2014_audi_a3_sedan_01_1_4_tfsi_attraction_02 Photo: tmr
2014_audi_a3_sedan_02_1_8_tfsi_ambition_08 Photo: tmr
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2014_audi_a3_sedan_03_2_0_tdi_ambition_06 Photo: tmr
2015_audi_a3_sportback_e_tron_06 Photo: tmr
2014_audi_a3_sedan_01_1_4_tfsi_attraction_09 Photo: tmr
2014_audi_a3_sedan_02_1_8_tfsi_ambition_07 Photo: tmr
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Trevor Collett | Jul, 11 2015 | 0 Comments

Audi is looking to reshape the range of its next-generation A3 small car, with at least three new models joining the line-up.

That’s the word out of the US, with Automobile Mag reporting a four-passenger coupe, an Allroad all-wheel-drive Sportback and even a minivan expected to be available to A3 customers in the future.

The ‘regular’ sedan and Sportback models would remain in the line-up, but the future of the three-door hatch is apparently less certain.

Audi is said to be keen to replace the hatch with a new ‘coupe’ model (perhaps even dubbed ‘A3 TT’), as the three-door hatch is a slow -seller in some markets.

An A3 TT would perhaps be the more ‘practical’ alternative to the regular TT, while also offering a new model for buyers looking for an A3 with a difference. Rumour has it that work on the A3 TT has already begun.

An A3 Sportback Allroad could provide an alternative to the likes of Volvo’s V40 Cross Country, and the report predicts Allroad versions of the A5 Sportback and A7 Sportback are also in the works.

Audi A3 Sportback e-tron: Is an Allroad version coming?
Audi A3 Sportback e-tron: Is an Allroad version coming?

But it’s the minivan version that could raise some eyebrows, as Audi looks to match it with BMW’s 2 Series Active Tourer and the Mercedes-Benz B-Class in the increasingly competitive small premium hatch / people-mover market.

The German carmaker has the Chinese market more in mind for the 'minivan', however, rather than Europe.

“While there is no shortage of upmarket, compact-size four- and five-seaters, we believe that before long every leading premium brand will need a compact-size seven-seater,” an anonymous Audi source said.

“While the executives always travel in style, the workers must follow in very basic people-movers. Audi is thinking to smooth over this difference in style with a new model not unlike the BMW [Active] Tourer.”

The next-generation A3 is expected to arrive in showrooms sometime in 2018.

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