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Mike Stevens | May, 14 2015 | 2 Comments

Audi’s RS 6 Avant wagon and RS 7 Sportback have been given a going-over for the 2015 model year, gaining refreshed looks, updated tech, and a bigger price tag.

With new prices of $229,000 for the RS 6 and $242,000 for the RS 7 (plus on-roads), the big barnstorming Audi heroes are now $4000 and $3500 more expensive than the 2014 models they replace.

As with the wider A6 and A7 lines that debuted local updates in March, the refreshed RS models gain a slim new headlight design and lightly updated tail lamps.

New ultra-thin LED daytime lights feature at both ends, and Audi’s new Matrix LED headlights are now standard kit instead of the ‘regular’ LED lights of the outgoing model. Audi says the new units offer a greater level of forward vision at night without blinding other motorists.

Other exterior tweaks include subtly revised front grilles, side sills, rear-end styling and a refreshed interior layout.

A powered sunroof is standard on both models, and additional acoustic glazing across all windows is now also featured.

In the cabin, there’s a new high-resolution Driver Information System in the centre of the instrument cluster, displaying vehicle information and map-based navigation details.

Audi’s ‘Parking System Plus’ is featured, combined with front and rear cameras.

Both RS models get 21-inch alloy wheels and adaptive sport air suspension.

Power in both is provided by Audi’s 4.0 litre TFSI twin-turbo V8, producing 412kW and 700Nm of twist, matched to an eight-speed auto and the requisite quattro all-wheel-drive system.

With just 20kg of weight between them, Audi claims the RS 6 (1930kg) and RS 7 (1950kg) will both hit 100km/h in a sharp 3.9 seconds, on their way to a top speed of 250km/h.

Both also share identical fuel consumption figures, listed at 9.2 l/100km on the combined cycle.

Options for both include the $8500 Carbon Styling package, the $2200 Black Styling package, $13,900 for an interior enhancement pack that doesn’t include the $12,000 Bang & Olufsen sound system, $4890 for pedestrian-detecting Night Vision Assist, $1400 for power-assisted soft-closing doors, and $1100 for tinted windows. And, for $980, you can have the brake callipers painted red.

On the performance side, there’s the $4900 Dynamic package, which adds specialised dynamic steering, dynamic ride control (with steel springs in place of the standard air suspension) and a top speed boost to 280km/h.

Hand over $25,840 and you can upgrade that to the Dynamic Plus package, which adds supercar-spec carbon-ceramic brakes and a top speed boosted to 305km/h.

Watch for TMR’s review of both updated RS models to come this week.


PRICING (excludes on-road costs)

  • 2015 Audi RS 6 Avant wagon - $229,000
  • 2015 Audi RS 7 Sportback - $242,000

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