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Trevor Collett | Feb, 17 2016 | 0 Comments

Audi has continued its teaser campaign for the new Q2 model ahead of the SUV’s likely debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

In a short video (bottom of page), fans can see the new model from above as it tackles a section of dirt road among some thick greenery somewhere in the world.

Besides learning that the Q2 will be available with a yellow paint finish and that it won’t mind getting its tyres dirty, there’s very few clues in the video.

The off-road component, however, suggests that Audi is keen to emphasise the Q2’s off-road ability which may surpass some of its competitors in the compact SUV class. Some of these competitors are restricted to front-wheel-drive and tagged by critics as “soft-roaders”.

But critics may have to invent their own (hash) tag if they wish to draw attention to themselves on social media, as Audi claims its new SUV is “untaggable”.

This move bucks the current trend which sees carmakers spoon-feed their preferred hashtag to fans in order to promote a new model.

Audi Q3
Audi Q3

Last week, Audi gave us a visual representation (top of page) of how the Q2 will fit into its current SUV line-up.

Rumours suggest the new model will feature ‘radical’ styling, as the carmaker targets a young audience of buyers.

As with other Audi SUVs, expect a mix of front- and quattro all-wheel-drive, with power coming from both three- and four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines.

The Q2 will be the smallest SUV on offer from Audi, but previous reports have pointed to a future Q1 to sit below even this compact Q2 model.

Rumours from Europe also suggest that a three-door version of the Q2 has been ruled out, leaving the door open for the Q1 to serve a sub-compact, three-door SUV market (if one exists).

If the pre-launch teaser campaign is anything to go by, the Q2 will be an intriguing addition to Audi’s SUV range. Stay tuned to TMR for more.

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