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Mike Stevens | Apr, 23 2015 | 0 Comments

Audi has announced a partnership with online shopping giant Amazon and German courier service DHL that will soon see packages delivered directly to the boot of a customer’s car.

Launched as a limited trial in Germany, the service will offer Amazon Prime customers the option of allowing DHL drivers access to the rear storage area of their car, so that a delivery can be made direct to the vehicle.

The option will only be available to owners of Audi vehicles equipped with the Audi connect system, which, in this case, can allow DHL drivers to track the vehicle’s location and use a one-time electronic code to open the boot.

Swedish carmaker Volvo revealed its own take on the concept early last year, called ‘Roam Delivery’, which operates in a similar fashion.

Above: Volvo's earlier 'Roam Service' trial.
Above: Volvo's earlier 'Roam Service' trial.

In the Roam Delivery system’s case, owners are able to use a mobile phone app to dispense a single-use ‘digital key’ to a delivery service, allowing access to the vehicle’s boot. The app also allows owners to monitor when the ‘key’ has been used.

Like Audi, Volvo ran its own Roam trial program, with 100 people in Sweden. The company said that that 86 users agreed the service saved them time and money.

The company has yet to confirm plans for a wider rollout, and Audi is likewise yet to confirm plans beyond this initial trial.

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