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Trevor Collett | Jul, 14 2017 | 0 Comments

Aston Martin has issued a recall in Australia this week, targeting its V8 Vantage and DB11 models.

Vantage models sold locally between December 2010 and July of 2013 may be subject to a failing hydraulic hose connector, servicing the seven-speed ‘Sportshift’, ‘Auto-Shift Manual’ (ASM) transmission.

The connector supports a hose carrying hydraulic fluid for the clutch system, and a leak could allow the fluid to escape. A lack of fluid could render the clutch system inoperable, and the driver may find they have reduced control over the vehicle.

A total of 19 vehicles are affected by the recall.

The recall process will include a replacement support bracket and related parts, with works performed at no cost to owners. Works could take up to 6.5 hours.

Further, V8 Vantage models with the ‘SportShift I and II’ transmission are also on the recall list, built between July 2010 and August 2012.

Aston says a software update, due to be performed during a service, was incomplete, as it did not include instructions to delete stored clutch adaptions and wear-index data.

Symptoms of the software glitch may include a ‘missing’ transmission at certain throttle positions, or a gear-change performed without command from the driver.

A warning light may be visible in the instrument cluster, and the system may revert to a protective operating mode to prevent the clutch from overheating.

Aston Martin DB11
Aston Martin DB11

The vehicle may also randomly select ‘neutral’, which could present a hazard to the vehicle occupants and other road users, but the driver can regain control using the shift paddles.

The recall process will see the software updated, taking around 40 minutes. If necessary, repairs to clutch system components will also be performed.

A further 19 Vantages are affected by this recall in Australia.

Aston Martin is also recalling its DB11 model in Australia, due to a potential problem with the tyre pressure monitoring system.

The system may not have been calibrated correctly, and may allow the tyre pressure to fall lower than ideal before the driver receives a warning notice.

Underinflated tyres could alter the handling characteristics of the vehicle, causing a hazard for vehicle occupants and other road users.

Affected DB11s were sold in Australia between November last year and June of this year, with 58 examples on the recall list locally.

The recall will take approximately 15 minutes.

Aston Martin will attempt to contact affected owners shortly, but any owner wishing to learn more about the latest list of recalls should contact their local dealer.

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