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Aston Martin Confirms DB11 Name For Late 2016 - Frankfurt Motor Show Photo:

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Tony O'Kane | Sep, 16 2015 | 1 Comment

Aston Martin has confirmed that its long-awaited replacement for the 12 year-old DB9 will launch towards the end of 2016 wearing a DB11 badge on its bootlid.

And it won't be based on the DB10 that's headed for the latest James Bond film, Spectre (pictured). That car is entirely bespoke, with just ten cars created specifically for the silver screen.

Speaking at the debut of the DB10 late last year, Aston styling chief Marek Reichman said the Bond car was not a direct preview of the DB9’s successor. The V8 Vantage running gear that lies beneath its alloy body is definitely not destined for the DB11 either.

And as far as styling goes, expect a departure from Aston's current desing language.

“We have the issue with some people saying the cars all look alike – that’s solved in the next generation of cars,” said Aston CEO Andy Palmer to UK site Auto Express.

The extruded-alloy VH platform that underpins all of Aston's current models will continue in an evolved form beneath the DB11's bodywork, but Aston will make extensive use of powertrain and electronic tech borrowed from Mercedes-AMG.

That could mean the familiar Aston V12 may get retired in favour of AMG's current generation of twin-turbo V8s, which are available as a 375kW/700Nm 4.0 litre, or a 430kW/761Nm 5.5 litre.

An alternative scenario is that the DB11 grows to encompass multiple powertrains, with a modified version of the DB9 and V12 Vantage's V12 sitting at the top of the range with a twin-turbo V8 sitting beneath.

On-board electronics such as infotainment and sat-nav systems will also benefit from the Mercedes hook-up, allowing Aston to significantly update its interiors and add new technology to the spec sheets of all its cars - not just the DB11.

Further details are light on the ground, but with a little over twelve months until the DB11's anticipated arrival we should hear more about Aston's newest family member soon - most likely at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

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