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Malcolm Flynn | May, 24 2012 | 0 Comments

Low-volume Spanish sportscar manufacturer Aspid has released teaser images of the company’s second-ever model.

Aspid first made headlines with the unveiling of its SuperSport model at the 2008 British Motor Show.

The official images suggest the as-yet unnamed new model will employ a more conventional GT bodystyle than the existing SuperSport’s Lotus 7-esque design.

However, the teaser shots (which we've merged here) hint that the new model will retain open-wheeled frontal styling.

The SuperSport is Aspid’s modern interpretation of the much-copied Lotus 7, and weighs just 700kg.

Its 299kW Honda-sourced four-cylinder engine propels the car from 0-100km/h in a Veyron-esque 2.8 seconds.

The Spanish arm of website Autoblog reports that the new model will be fitted with a V8 engine (of unknown origin), with the option of KERS-style hybrid assistance.

Weight is expected to increase with the the larger engine, but the new model is likely to retain the SuperSport’s extensive usage of lightweight materials.

Aspid is yet to discuss pricing, but the model is expected to sit above the SuperSport’s AU$160,000 equivalent UK price. But who in Spain is going to buy it?

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